Font Bundle: 25 fonts for $100!

i n t r o d u c i n g :
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Great Lakes Lettering’s Hand-Lettered Collection is a selection of 12
of the foundry’s favorite and most popular fonts of all time.

Featuring Rising Star Asterism and it’s counterpart Asterism Clean, delicate Saint Agnes and hand-painted Backlash, this bundle has as much variety as it does character and charm.

It includes everything from Frosted and Icing, both of which mimic the natural stroke of pointed pen calligraphy and, especially when used together, embody a folky feel that brings a lot of character into any design; to Marguerite—a calligraphy style font with a look that is authentic and chic, but also very relaxed and elegant. Many of the fonts included, like vibrant Butterskotch, include OpenType features perfect for some innovative contextual interplay.

Here is your chance to try on some really dazzling and utilitarian fonts, all in one place and for a jaw dropping low price!

Font Bundle Includes:

Frosted Illustration
Saint Agnes
Kailey the Bold
Kailey the Brave
Kailey the Beautiful
Asterism Clean
Marguerite Heavy
Marguerite Light
Backlash Splatters
Pen Swan
Pen Swan Ornaments
Pen Swan Monoline
Pen Swan Italics
Pen Swan Bold Italics
Mon Voir
Butterskotch Regular
Butterskotch Bold
Butterskotch Light

C H E C K   I T   O U T   O N   M Y F O N T S   H E R E :
Great Lakes Lettering Hand-Lettered Collection 

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